The North Carolina Mosquito and Vector Control Association (NCMVCA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1965 to promote public health through mosquito and vector control in North Carolina.  Membership is open to all professionals with an interest in control of mosquitoes and other vectors of public health significance.  The organization and operations of the NCMVCA:

  • promote public health through the implementation of environmentally compatible vector control practices.

  • keep abreast of the latest development in control methods

  • disseminate information regarding mosquitoes and other vectors to the membership and the general public through publications and meetings.

  • coordinate common interests and vector control efforts among the membership




Officers are elected annually and meet quarterly during the year.  Please see the listing of the current year's officers.

2019 Officers, Board, and Committee Members

Hamilton Stevens and William F. Strickhouser Award Winners

NCMVCA Presidents (1965-Present)


The association is governed by the Constitution and Manual of Procedures which can be accessed here.  More information about the association's history can be accessed here.

Constitution (rev. 2013)

Manual of Procedures (rev. 2014)