The North Carolina Mosquito & Vector Control Association (NCMVCA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1965 to promote public health through mosquito and vector control in North Carolina.


The Association provides:

  • networking and educational opportunities
  • support for research and related activities
  • a forum for intergovernmental communication.
  • Resources for local control programs
  • Annual Educational Conference as well as an exposition for vendors to promote products and services supporting mosquito and vector control programs.
  • Workshops on ULV Calibration, Larviciding and Mosquito Identification. 


Hot Topics!
  • State Aid for Mosquito Control funds -These funds are available to aid mosquito control programs or local government engaged in mosquito control activities. The application may be available at NCDHHS.
  • NPDES & local control programs
  • Educational Brochures
Yes, there are 'good' mosquitoes
This female Toxorhynchites does not feed on blood! The larvae are predators of other mosquito larva

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